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Latest flarePlay Discount Code 2015

FlarePlay is an incredible gaming service which comes with the most popular games for the enjoyment of users. Now, FlarePlay gaming kit and game package plans are available at a discount price. To enjoy the fantastic service, enter the latest FlarePlay coupon code and buy the complete gaming service for your kids at an economical price.


Exclusive flarePlay Discount Code

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How to Redeem flarePlay Discount Code?

Playing Video games is always a fun and learning activity for kids, however, the cost to buy gaming consoles does put a burden on the budget. To make your every moment full of joy without charging high rates, FlarePlay is providing a special discount on each of its game package. Therefore, in order to redeem this exciting offer, all you have to do is to select a suitable game package and enter our flarePlay promo code to redeem the discount at check out automatically.

Who is flarePlay?

flarePlay is a cloud-based gaming service with no restriction of gaming cartridges and disks to offer users an outstanding gaming experience. In order to play games through flarePlay, a person needs to have a flarePlay micro-console and controller, as the micro-console delivers the games directly to the user's television by using a high-speed internet connection. Like Netflix that delivers movies onto a TV screen, flarePlay micro-console delivers games onto a TV by connecting to its servers. The fabulous service offers the various genres of games covering action, adventure, kids, family, sports/simulation, arcade, puzzle and strategy.

How flarePlay Work?

Working of Flare games is based on cloud. All the games played and stored in this service are present on cloud. You don’t need to download the game or insert the disk, as the games are present via microconsole. Game data is present on cloud so you can play it from where you left on any computer.

How do I get the Flare service?

Flare is offered at selected US retailers and Cox Solution and you can also purchase it online.


  • For Purchase from Selected Retailers:
    Game Kit that you buy from retailer will have an activation code in it. All you need to do is to use your code to complete the online profile and then follow the given instructions to continue the access.
  • For Purchase from Cox Solution Store:
    When you buy the Game Kit from Cox Solution store, you will have your profile information at the point of sale. You can use the profile information as your login details for Flare network.
  • For Online Purchase:
    When you purchase it online, you agree to Terms of Service of the company. After registration, flarePlay Game Kit will be present at your door within 5-7 business days.

Why Should We Choose flarePlay Over Others?

flarePlay has all the features that make it an awesome home entertainment device with no additional efforts. Some features of flarePlay are mentioned below:

  • Easy setup: flarePlay is really easy to set up as a user just has to connect the micro-console to the TV using an HDMI cable.
  • Portable: the gaming kit is lightweight and can be taken anywhere with ease. A user only needs to have an HDTV and WIFI connection to use it
  • New game addition: Unlike other gaming services, new games are added each month so that a user could enjoy different genre of games whenever he desires.

Moreover, flarePlay placing customer satisfaction at the top of the list, provides a 30-day money back guarantee and also offers a world-class 24/7 customer support that makes it even more competitive than that of others.

What is flarePlay Plans & Pricing?

flarePlay has competitive pricing for each plan: Disney Games pack is available for $9.99/month, Premium Game Pack for $9.99/month, Combo Game Pack for $14.99/month. However, a subscriber would have to pay a one-time fee of $9.99 for the gaming kit (micro-console, controller and connection cables) regardless of the plan subscribed.


To summarize, flarePlay is a complete gaming solution for kith and kin, that comes with a bundle of the latest games to keep them entertained. With a range of games, competitive price, easy setup and portability, FlarePlay has taken the game playing experience to a whole new level.

Best flarePlay Coupon Codes 2015

Now, with a special discount on each package of FlarePlay, a prospective buyer can save a substantial sum of money and enjoy the best gaming solution around for a low price. So, click on the FlarePlay coupon code to redeem the enchanting discount offer with no delay and have loads of fun with friends and family.


Exclusive flarePlay Discount Code

Receive your first month of service FREE. Please enter our flarePlay.com promo code at checkout. Reveal Coupon


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