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In this flarePlay review, we will show you all information you need to know aboutthe one of the best gaming platform present online. So let’s check it out before purchasing any Flare Game plans.


What is flarePlay?

 flarePlay.comflarePlay is the gaming service that makes you play games on your TV directly. You can enjoy more than 100 games on their server. With flarePlay, you don’t need to insert any disc or install the game. It provides the latest cloud gaming experience to its users.

What is flarePlay’s Specialty?

With flarePlay, you don’t need to install any game on your device. All the game data is stored on cloud. It provides you benefit to continue the game on any other device as well.  The games are available to play directly. You can play the Flare on HDTV and just need a Game Kit along with the 6Mbps or higher wireless internet connection.


How Does flarePlay Work?

flarePlay allows you to play diverse kinds of games on your HDTV. For its working you need an HDTV having HDMI port, Flare Game Kit, and good speed internet connection of 6Mbps or higher. The Microconsole in the kit connects the Flare servers with your TV and internet and once connection with the server is established, you can login with your details. When menu appears, select the game from your list and start playing.


Types of FlarePlay Plans:

Disney Game Pack (Disney Games)

For Disney lovers, Disney game pack with splendid and unusual characters is a perfect trajectory to make the family moments memorable. For instance, a fan of a Disney movie can enjoy the same fantasy by playing a Disney game with the same characters. Under the Disney Games package, FlarePlay offers games related to the original Disney films.

Furthermore, the Disney game pack includes famous games like, Toy Story, Planes, Epic Monkey, The Pirates of the Caribbean, Cars, Universe, Brave, Split Second and other entertaining games to offer the best possible gaming experience to the users. Disney games allow players to play as a popular character of their favorite Disney movies with multiple modes to recall the memorable situations in the original Disney movie. For more information read all Dacuda pocket scanner review here!

Premium Game Pack ( Premium 150+ Games)

With new games added in the list of games each month, Premium 150+ Games package is also a fantastic option for new gamers. The game package includes more games than Disney games package and offers popular games like, Le Toy France, Rabbids go home, Marvel, Batman, Chainz relinked 2, Glow Fish, Harry Potter, Black Gate, Broken Sword and other wonderful games. Under this plan, new games along with latest features are added each month.

Combo Game Pack (Disney Games + Premium 150+ Games)

Leaving no vacuum to fulfill game lovers' thrust, Combo Game Pack is the combination of both Disney Games and Premium 150+ games. Proving more viable alternative for family entertainment, it has the ability to bring into being the happy family memories with a game night by providing a bigger games collection. Some of the Combo Pack games are Trine, Trine 2, Glow Fish, Harry Potter, and Shadow Grounds, etc. Furthermore, the unlimited gaming action makes it a perfect alternative as a user doesn't have to pay for each game again and again.

Which FlarePlay Plan is Right for You?

We recommend the Combo game pack for FlarePlay users, as it offers Disney and other latest games which can be a good pastime for both children and adults. Also, as it is available for $14.99, the plan is low priced as compared to other gaming plans.


Why Should I Choose Over Other? 

There are many reasons that you should go for the flarePlay.

  • Great Numbers of Games: Here you get more than 125 games to play and every month more and more games are added in the list so the users never get bored.
  • No Disc Required: You don’t have to install the game or need any disc. The games are available via internet so you only need a good internet connection to use Flare service.
  • Full Parental Control: This feature allows the parents to have a hold on what their kids should play. It keeps the family safe.
  • Easy Setup: The setup is made that easy that even kids can set it up
  • Diversity in Games: Here there is something for everyone. Whether you are a kid or an adult, they have games for you.

An Quick Reviews:

Website Layout: The website format is very user-friendly. You can easily navigate and can get to your desired inquiry place.

Shopping Processing:

You can purchase the flarePlay kit from three different places:

  • Online: When you purchase it online, you have to provide your credit card information and you agree to the Terms of Service of the company.  After registration, the Game Kit will be shipped to you. It will reach within 5-7 business days. Plug the device in and start playing when it is in your hand.
  • Selected US retailers:  When the kit is purchased from the retailer, you have to complete your online profile with the help of the activation code present in the Game Kit and then follow the given instructions.
  • Cox Solution Stores: Here, you have your profile set at the time of purchase. After that you will need that information as the login details for the Flare network.

Orders & Shipping:

After placing the order online, you will get the Plug-and-Play Flare Game Kit within the time of 5 to 7 business days.

Customer Service

For any queries and questions, you can visit or can call flarePlay at 1-877-897-2454.You can also Live Chat with the customer support agent. Other option to reach them is to ‘email’ your enquiry and you will get the reply soon from the company’s support.

FAQs of flarePlay

What is the Flare Game Kit?

flarePlay game kitFlare Game Kit is the complete gaming kit having:

  • Game Controller
  • flarePlay Microconsole
  • Microconsole Holder
  • Nano-receiver
  • AA battery for Game controller
  • HDMI Extension Cable
  • AC Power Adopter
  • Micro USB to USB Cable

Does Flare work with other devices, computers or tablets?

Now, Flare microconsole is the requirement of the Flare service to provide the ultimate gaming experience. The company is now working to make the Flare gaming available on other devices also.

What is a Microconsole?

Microconsole is kind of a gaming device that links to your wireless network and your TV to send games to the TV directly.

Where do I find my games?

The games are present on the flarePlay gaming service online.

To play the game:

  • Connect to the wireless network.
  • Microconsole will locate the Flare servers and connect to it automatically.
  • Use the Flare log in details to continue the access.
  • On the servers, games will be present in the menu as set by using parental controls.

What are the games I can play?

Games present to you will be dependent on your subscription package.

What is the Disney Game Pack?

This is the extended content service that allows users to access Disney games. This is the special plan for the young Flare subscribers but Disney means whole family can have fun.

flarePlay Review - Final Thought

flarePlay is surely the one best gaming platform present online. All the data is saved on cloud so you don’t have to be upset about the lost game anymore. You can play the game from wherever you can.

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